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I received an email, asking me to fill up my information to attend this event hosted by Outlook Business Magazine to felicitate woman entrepreneur in Kolkata. I wasn’t sure whether I would be invited since it was free. To my surprise, I was called to attend this event; I felt like a celebrity or a page 3 person to attend such a high event, which was attended by the super achievers of Kolkata.

Outlook Business has launched a new edition of Magazine named Outlook Business WOW to celebrate woman entrepreneurship in India. They have started this journey to applaud and encourage woman entrepreneurs in India.

Their First event happened at Bangalore on 15-February-2019 with Bollywood Actress Manisha Koirala as chief guest.

This was the second event which was being held at Kolkata, with Bengali actress Rituparna Sengupta as chief guest.

The Third event will take place at Delhi on 27-February-2019 with Tapsee Pannu as chief guest.

The fourth event will take place at Mumbai on 6-March-2019 with Alia Bhatt as chief guest.

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Event Name: Outlook Business WOW Kolkata 2019

Event Date: 22-February-2019

Speaker Name: Rituparna Sengupta (National-Award Winning Bengali Actress), Usha Uthup (Singer) , Dr. Monisha Behal(CEO, North East Network (Nen), Mickey Mehta (Holistic Health & Wellness Guru), Malavika Banerjee (Partner, Byloom),Payal Nath (Co-Founder, Kadam India), Pooja Dhingra (Founder, Le15 Patisserie & Cafe), Farah Khan (Founder, Farah Khan Boutique)

Event Timing: 4:45 PM Registration starts

Location: The Lalit Great Eastern Hotel


Mr. Indranil Roy, CEO of Outlook Business Magazine, said that only 9% of a startup founder is the woman. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Majorly woman entrepreneur is from only two cities namely Bangalore and New Delhi.

Outlook Business Magazine has started a new platform WOW (women of worth) to share a woman’s entrepreneurial stories and to celebrate their journey.


He launched a portal of Kalyan Jewellers


He said that woman can not conquer the world, without taking care of their health.

He said Lupin Pharmaceuticals is here to celebrate and salute woman entrepreneurship.

He said that whenever they make a product, which is good for the health of a woman, women’s reaction is lukewarm.

But when they make a product, which is good for their skin, women immediately buy it, because they always want to stay young and beautiful.

Keeping this psyche in mind, they have launched a health supplement Corcal Tablet, which is good for both bone and skin.


Mickey Mehta is a global leading holistic health guru, The Life coach, healer, Philosopher, and Author.

He is a celebrated coach to many Bollywood celebrity like Abhishek Bachchan, Akshay Khanna, Kareena Kapoor, Salman Khan, Sunny Leone and many more.

He said that every woman on this earth is worthy, but not every man. He said that every woman has an inspiring story to say, they can inspire; because they are spiritual, total, wholesome, integrated than men.


It is biologically proven that the infant mortality rate is higher in girls than boys, which means more boys die during childbirth than girls.

He said that bone and muscle doesn’t make you win any game, but inner strength.

Every woman of any size and color is perfect, and whenever they smile, it melts everyone’s heart.

He emphasized on self-love, me too time and self-nourishment.

He said every day, we need enough sleep and while sleeping, we should neutralize ourselves and should not carry any negativity to bed.

Sleep every night to heal yourself and wake up every morning with a promise to heal the world.

He said that prayer is essential to strengthen mind, soul, and body.

He said to eat raw and alkaline food; we need healthy bacteria for digestion.

He concluded by saying that get optimized, get maximized, get energized, get naturalized, get revolutionized, get internalize, get eternalize, get specialize, get regularise, get revitalize and get Mickemise (Brand Mickey Mehta).

Mediation means to stop doing everything and start being.


This session was moderated by Shruti Venkatesh, Journalist at Outlook Business Magazine. It was attended by three women namely Subha Dutta, Saswati Dasgupta and Pritha Bhattacharya.


She had done a Masters in Anthropology, and she was not satisfied with her first job, so in the year 2003, she joined Amway. Her husband was supportive of her through this entrepreneurial journey.


She is a computer science engineer and had worked in a PSU Company. When her daughter was born, she was looking for work from home job, but at that time, such a concept was not available. So, she joined Amway along with her husband. When she approached her relative, they used to laugh at her how an engineer can sell soap.


She is an MBA graduate. She has joined a sports management company but was not getting job satisfaction. So, she joined Amway. She has become more passionate and confident after joining Amway.


This Panel discussion was moderated by N Mahalakshmi, Editor of Outlook Business Magazine. It Was participated by Farah Khan, Payal Nath, Malavika Banerjee, and Pooja Dhingra.


She studied abroad and when she came to her hometown Kolkata, could not find Macaron cake. She entered the food industry nine years back. It was a male-dominated industry. People initially did not take her seriously, but it was her grit and dedication which made her taste success and established herself in the food industry.


Farah Khan is an Army officer’s wife, who always travelled to different parts of the country. When she was in Kashmir, she successfully established a Pashmina shawl business. But after three years, she had to leave everything and move to Kolkata.

But her spirit remained intact and again plunged into action to set up another business. She did research and found that local Kantha sarees are very artistic, yet there was hardly any shop in Kolkata selling in those days.


She traveled far to the village and worked with local artisans and began to export to other countries.

She has single-handedly established this business and more than 600 karigars(employees) work in her workshop.


She passed the DRDO exam but later did not take up the job. She then took a course in Shoemaking and worked with Kolkata based leather Bag manufacturer.

She then moved to work with bamboo-based artisans and would organize trade promotion for them.

Later she started her organization Kadam India to provide training to artisans and market their products.


She is an ardent saree wearer. She noticed that saree is slowing disappearing and youngster are more inclined towards western wear.

She started her company Byloom, to design high-class Bridal and Designer Sarees. She has been successful in making sarees a fashion wear.


  • Malavika Banerjee – Byloom
  • Payal Nath – Kadam India
  • Anisha Aggarwal – Rollick Ice Cream
  • Monisha Behal – North East Network
  • Lakshmi Baruah – Konoklota Mahila Co-op Bank
  • Meghna – Makersloft


This Q&A session with Rituparna Sengupta was conducted by
N Mahalakshmi, Editor of Outlook Business Magazine.

Rituparna Sengupta said that she never aspired to become an actor. She only wanted to become a teacher. Her family comes from a conservative Bengali family.

She had a keen interest in dancing, and somebody referred her after seeing her dance performance. Her father was dead against her joining Movies.

She rose to stardom with her first film Shwet Patharer Thala, which was a national award-winning film.

She won National award for best actress for the movie Dahan.

She advised young budding actors never to give up hope and always believe that something good is ahead.


Attending this event made me understand that women are very savvy, focussed and goal oriented. They also have an indomitable spirit to achieve success in life and carve a niche for themselves.

Women are multi-tasker and can handle both family and business with ease. They have very high emotional quotient and can easily handle any breakdown.

All women need from society is support and good wishes for their endeavor.

Mogis Ahmed has more than a decade of experience in Marketing, Sales and Business Development in IT & ITES industry. He is a Computer Science Engineer and has done Masters in Business Administration (MBA).He has experience of working in both small Start-ups to Large companies having billion dollars in revenue. Some of the notable organisation, where he has worked is HCL Technology, SRM Technology, Allsec Technology, Indiabulls LTD, FusionBPO Services and Keylines. He has received a Memento from Google Australia for successfully completing all the modules in Google Adwords. Recently made a shift in career towards Digital Marketing. Whatever I learn during this journey, will share with my reader.

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