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Indrajit Sen

The Bengal Chamber of Commerce has organized this conclave to enlighten the marketer of today. It is India’s oldest chamber of commerce and also the first chamber of commerce in Asia.
Brands are moving out of the beaten path and finding innovative ways to find consumers.

Jayen Mehta – Amul

All born after 1980 are millennials.
Millennials are confident, achievers, ambitious.

A maximum number of millennials are in India. It has around 40 crores.

Amul collects 230 lakh liters of milk every day from 36 lakh farmers.

It is the 9th largest dairy company in the world.

It sells 32 million pouch milk daily.

It has more than 50 products.

According to some independent ranking, Amul is among the top 5 brands in the world.

Amul is the only Brand from India, which is featured among the top 100 Brands of the world, according to EuroMoney.

According to some independent studies, Amul’s product was picked 4 billion times from the shelf in a year.

Amul is a cooperative movement that began in the year 1946 and became the largest producer of milk.

Amul logo comprised of 4 hands symbolizing producers(farmers), professionals, marketers, and consumers.

85% of the revenue goes directly to the producers(farmers).

It owns 79 dairy plants in India.

2 new products are launched every month.

The dairy market is around 7 Lakh Crore business. Milk is the most significant agricultural product in India.

Amul has leveraged technology to distribute products directly from the cow to consumers.

11 lakh SMS are sent to producers every day from AMUL.

AMUL is the third most searched brand in Amazon India.

If Government wants to double the income of farmers, then dairy products are the only way forward.

Magic happens at the intersection of 4 things, a) Consumer b) Content c) Consistency d) Context.

Mogis Ahmed

26 November is celebrated as National Milk Day in honor of Dr. Kurien.

AMUL’s “Moonch nahi tu Kuch nahi” campaign received 30 million impressions.

Har Ghar Amul Ghar’s campaign is receiving a good response.

Amul world App has all digital topical content.

AMUL’s advertising budget is less than 1 % of total revenue.

Mr. Anupam Bokey, VP- Marketing, Guiltfree Industries Ltd- To Yum

Millennials are very health-conscious, yet they munch on snacks, so Too Yum is focused primarily on millennials.

Advertising campaigns of Too Yum focuses on 4 essential interest areas of millennial consumers: humor, music, sports, and travel.

Mr. Mithun Sundar, Head Revenue, Strategy & Analytics, Myntra

Millennial is a state of mind. In India, one of the markers for a class has been clothes.

Millennials are outspoken and speak their mind, and want their opinion heard.

Millennial are young at heart and prefer to listen to brands which are emphatic.

Mr. Rahul Pansare, Head- Marketing & PR, FCA India Automobiles

Millennials are young, assertive, and restless.34% of the Indian population are millennials.

The highest number of millennials in the world. 84 % of Millennials have a smartphone and are connected to 3G/4G.

28% of millennials buy a product owning to social media.

7% of millennials own a car.

66% of millennials are in tier -3 cities.

83 % of millennials are living with their parents.

Millennials are influential on traditional values.
95 % of millennials are under stress, and their job is stress.

16 % of millennials reported unemployed.

80% of millennials would like to buy a car in the next 5 years.

82% of millennials spend approximately 17 hours on a third-party website before deciding to buy a car.

Mogis Ahmed with sanjiv Mehta- CEO-Hindustan Unilever

Mr. Rohit Kapoor, CEO, New Real Estate Business, OYO

Millennials are better educated and connected.

Millennials are the most grounded generation (because they are only looking down at their mobile) lol.:)

They nibble on content but do not engage depth on it.

They have unlimited access to things but limited interest beyond topical.

Millennials are not intimidated by western countries anymore. They are truly global.
Brands can only influence; can’t preach.

Millennials have an insane need to measure.

They are the most guarded generation; since they are very emotionally attached.

Mogis Ahmed with Piyush Pandey

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