I was aware that DMconference would happen in Kolkata since I am well connected with all speakers of the event on Facebook and Whatsapp group.

So, this was something which I can’t miss.


Event Name : DMconference 2019

Date: 24-February-2019

Venue : Birla Industrial & Technological Museum

Speaker: Pranav Jha, Shashank Srivastava, Amar Jha, Aman Shams, Subhajit Biswas, and Vardankur Sinha

Ticket price: Rs. 600


Pranav Jha spoke about “Time to accelerate your Google Ads campaign.”

He suggested below-mentioned points to accelerating campaign

  • Landing Page of Website
  • Overview section of Google ads
  • Recommendation
  • Auction insight
  • Search Terms Analysis
  • Audience Analysis
  • Building Audience

He also spoke about why Google Ads is important

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Managing Cost
  • Brand Presence
  • Google is pushing ads
  • Relevant to your business
  • Scale Possible in one Single Day

He said for a good quality score, the following points are essential.

  • Keyword Relevancy
  • CTR (Click through rate)
  • Landing page.
  • Historical performance
  • Ad Relevancy


Subhajit Biswas runs 2 successful ecommerce company, having offices at Gurgaon and Vizag. He opened his presentation by showing a slide, which read “Why should you listen to me?” and then he paused and dramatically put this question to the audience.

In the next slide, it read “Because I do not have a course to sell, no upselling, training or funnel.” He said that he was also like the average person sitting in the audience until two years back and he bought an ecommerce course from a so-called guru for $ 1500.

The audience burst into laughter, and everyone including me applauded. Why did the audience react this way, what is the hidden pun and sarcasm behind his message?

Indian Digital Marketing Ecosystem has been badly abused; we have more self-professed guru than a digital marketing professional. We have Guru selling the dream to make millions and become self-employed and build an online empire, but the same guru eventually sells the course to a newbie to make money. ?

Anyway, this was something off topic, to explain it to my reader and let’s move forward to attend DMconference.

Subhajit Biswas – mogisa

He spoke about FOMO – Fear of missing out, an important marketing strategy to sell to the consumer.

Subhajit Biswas said that the Indian market is COD (Cash on Delivery) and only 2-4 % consumer makes an online payment.

Steps to follow in setting up an ecommerce store

  • Product research
  • Lander / Shopify / WordPress
  • Facebook Ads
  • Scaling Ads

Pricing Thumb RULE

  • 3x or 4x
  • Meaning: if you procure a product for 500, sell it for min 1500-2000.
  • Ex : Prdct cost + ad cost + logistic (forward + RTO) + Ops Loss

Industry Standard Jargons

  • Forward
  • Return (Accepted and then Returned Back)
  • RTO (Return to origin)
  • NDR (Non delivery Report)

Why Ecom in India Fail

  • RTO
  • NDR and Non Acceptance

TIP: How to reduce returns? Use this funnel

  • Ask the customer to send mail to your support.
  • Ask the customer to send back the consignment himself. (Mention the same in your TOS)
  • Try to give some goodies/gifts

He concluded by saying that there is no secret; all the information are freely available, and the only secret is “Start Doing and Testing.”


Mr. Amar Krishna Jha spoke about lead generation. He said tactics create Sales and strategy creates Business.

He said that we live in Give economy and before asking anything from the prospect, we must give them. It can be anything, ebook, free tools or any Pdf.

Rohit Goyal, Shashank,Pranav, Subhajit, Amar Jha, Aman & Vardankur Sinha

He narrated this story about Picasso painting and a beautiful young lady in the auditorium, others interested can read here. I have previously attended his Digital Highway seminar.

Amar Jha is a Digital Marketing trainer in Kolkata and speaker, he has spoken on several occasions, and one such event was Godaddy Pro meet.

I have also attended his other seminar on Marketing for startup held at Headstart.

He hurried through his presentation owing to shortage of time. I have been a regular attendee to his events, talks, and seminar and I am on his good books. ?

Lunch Break ? ? ? ?


He spoke about building niche website. He showed one of his Google Adsense accounts, where he earned $38 in a day from just 3 clicks. It is of some gaming niche. The website he mentioned is

This website is de-indexed in Google, he said due to some brand issue.

He spoke about how we can search keyword using Keyword Everywhere.

He said that some of his students are earning more than $50-100 per day from niche sites.


Aman Shams spoke about Brand SEO & hidden tricks. He said that now SEO stands for Search Experience Optimisation.

He is a college dropout and had early access to the internet.

He would make sites like snapchat hack and Wechat hack, which would bring more than 200000 daily traffic and this way, he used to earn daily more than Rs. 100000.

Soon he got a notice from the big giant, and his site was deindexed from Google.

Then he began to learn about SEO and now practices white hat SEO.

What is Brand SEO

  • Book .com or .net domain
  • Create an impressive website
  • 2% keyword in the whole content
  • Apply SILO structure
  • Proper Website Completion
  • Search for Brand Name.

Ranking Ladder

  • Authority Links
  • Wikipedia page
  • Social media presence
  • Popularity
  • Freshness

He showed us a video of Sundar Pichai, speaking before US Judiciary committee and answer to a question put by a lady, “when, I type idiot, in the Google image, it shows an image of Donald Trump? how is it so?”

Sundar Pichai spilled the secret of a ranking factor; he said that they evaluate more than 200 ranking factor based on Freshness, relevance, and authority.

Authority Links

  • Create a natural review article
  • Put Naked url
  • 2 % keyword insertion
  • Brand name in Title
  • Both Inbound and Outbound link


Vardankur Sinha is the director of Orbosys corporation, a Digital Marketing Agency company located at Dehradun.

He spoke about How to grow YouTube Channel. He started his channel 9 years back but became active recently to build it.

People come to YouTube to listen to motivational, spoof, fun, songs, informational, and product review videos.

Passion + Interest = Trigger moment

He suggested some short cut in selecting a topic for a video. He suggested to watch top 3 channel in a particular niche and let your competitor do research and hard work and later after watching it, you can make it differently.

List of Apps, Chrome Extentions and Softwares

  • Adobe Spark Post or Canva (for Thumbnail)
  • AZ Screen Recorder (App)
  • YouTube Creator Studio (App)
  • Kine Master (App) | Power Director | DaVinci Resolve
  • Tubebuddy (App, Ext. and Web)
  • YT Notes (Ext.)
  • One Tab (Ext.)
  • Morning Fame (Web)
  • Emoji Keyboard (Ext.)
  • OBS and Stream Labs (PC)
  • Social Blade (PC)


It started late and had to end at the stipulated time.The overall seminar was satisfactory, we had 6 speakers, and everyone spoke within their limited time. Timing could have been managed properly.

Subhajit Biswas stole the show and received an astounding response. He spoke something, which was new to me and he was candid in his talk.

Other digital marketing professionals, who could not attend it, I hope they can get knowledge and insights through my blog.

I have provided you with value worth more than Rs. 600, so it is now your turn to share it on social media and comment below.

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