Do you want to know how Video goes viral?
Do you wish to learn Viral Video Marketing?
Do you plan to take up Video making as a career or hobby?
Are you into video making; but have failed to make it go viral?
Do you think Video is the next BIG thing in spreading your message?
Do you want to know, who is that one person behind every viral video?
Do you want to know which video has reached 350 Million (35 Crore) views?

If your answer is YES, to any one of the questions above, then this article is just for you, else you can read another article.


It is the most exciting and Viral moment of the two-day event at Digital Success Summit at Hotel Novotel. I was looking forward to attending this session by Aashish Chopra, VP

Aashish Chopra is the father of Viral Video Marketing in India. ? He has to his credit a lot of videos, which has gone viral both in India and abroad. I am sure all of us in India would have surely watched his videos, but we might not know the man behind such videos.
I had attended his previous session also last year. He has an impromptu style of saying things with mischievousness, which leaves a lasting memory on everyone.

Six years back, he was laid off from a job because the company was downsizing. He had no formal education and finding a decent job was hard for him. It was a very frustrating and humiliating experience while facing his relative, who left no opportunity to taunt at him about his unemployment.

He joined Film making course but left it midway in 6 month due to boredom. He developed a knack for producing videos and self-learned the tricks by trial and experiment method. He very early anticipated that videos are the next big thing in Content Marketing.

Video is the cheapest, most comfortable method to explain complex theories and concept to end-user and engage with them.

Execution is everything


Aashish Chopra stays in Delhi and works in Gurgaon. He usually has the habit of paying toll fees for the car behind him. He believes in buying good karma points and bringing a smile on to somebody’s face.

He came to know that the Gurgaon Toll Plaza is closing down, so he wanted to build a happy memory of it.
He put 3 cameras on the back seat of his car to record the reaction of the people behind him. On the last day of Toll Plaza, he again paid fees for his car and also for the car behind him.

He was able to make someone happy for a moment by paying only Rs. 21 and he recorded all the reaction and edited this video at his home and uploaded on Facebook.

Suddenly this video went viral, and everyone was talking about his kindness and soon media like NDTV, IBNLive, Radio Mirchi began to interview him.
Suddenly he became a celebrity, and he was under immense pressure after this incident, people were after him, requesting him to make another viral video. He shut himself in a room and trying to understand why this video went viral.

He did not want to be a one-time Viral champion, but instead, he dived deep into the subject of Viral Video Marketing. There was hardly any learning material available online at that time. So he figured the hack behind Viral video by experimenting and self-learning.

He did not want to be a one-time Viral champion, but instead, he dived deep into the subject of Viral Video Marketing. There was hardly any learning material available online at that time. So he figured the hack behind Viral video by experimenting and self-learning.

Hope should not be a strategy while doing Business



Many people want to start video marketing, but they feel shy in front of the camera. You must make the first move to get started. One can easily paste notes on the wall and stand before the camera and look through the camera and speak as if they are talking to their friends.

You should make 10 such videos and not share it to your near and dear one. The eleventh video only you must release it for everyone, first 10 videos are only for practice.


Our Newsfeed on Facebook has become chaotic. If Facebook starts to show all the content shared by our friends and the Pages we have liked, then people would leave the Facebook platform. Facebook has a filtering algorithm in place to remove clutter on its platform.
According to one study, it will take 60,000 years to watch all videos on Youtube. The moment you finish watching one video, there will be another 1000 videos added to YouTube.

Video Content are being created at such an alarming rate.


Our Adblocker neuron has evolved over the year. In 90’s era, there was only one channel, and people comfortably watched Ads and remembered it. Then later, Remote control TV came and then we had multiple channels and slowly over the years, our Adblocker sense has evolved, and we began to identify Ads and changed the channel.

Millennials can now identify what content is worthy of watching or not.

Human attention span has reduced considerably over the years. We must work with an assumption that within 3 seconds, if you do not engage with the user, then the user is gone.


Picking share-worthy content only can make your video go viral. It is a known fact and truth that to make a Viral Video; it has to be shared by people without having to pay any incentive. It must start first among your Private friend’s circle and then travel to other people.
Ashish Chopra has a benchmark, which he says “within 10 seconds of any video release, it must have 100 shares”. Whenever you release any video, you can run a campaign within your company, where each employee takes part and shares it on Social Media Sites.

Ashish Chopra says “share is the only metrics, which matters because views can be bought”. When a person voluntarily shares something, this proves that he has endorsed it.

One must understand that there is no prescription available for a viral video, but it can be broadly classified as mentioned below


Inspirational content or videos are the ones, which can mentally stimulate the viewer’s to do something good. People love to watch inspirational videos and share among their peers.

Mogis-Ahmed-Aashish Chopra – VP
Aashish Chopra – VP


Human beings have inherent qualities of being kind or at least propagating good sermon to others.

Any helpful content will be shared. People love to help others.

He made a one-minute video to learn Bengali, and it was so successful that it was made into other seven languages.


Your Video Content can celebrate events and give good moral message, which people love to share. Nowadays, we have so many activities like Mother’s Day, Daughter’s Day and so on.
On Woman’s day, Aashish Chopra and team wanted to make a Video Content, and hence they brainstormed and found that Parents do not let girls travel alone in India.

So they made a video which touched people’s emotions so well, and it was widely shared.


Topical content is the one which has currently happened in the news. When you quickly make content to ride the wave, and if it has a message, then chances are it will go Viral.
On July 27, 2019, An Indian Gujarati family who had gone to Bali in Indonesia for a vacation stole hotel room accessories, and all International Media widely covered this, and it was sensational news.

Aashish Chopra and his team created a video Content on what one can take or can’t take from a Hotel Room. Immediately this Video went viral, and it was shown in a news show in the USA Primetime TV show hosted by Whoopie Goldberg.

Such is the power of Good Content, it can travel far and wide without money, and you can watch it here.


When you create content with the sole purpose of doing good work, like helping other people come out of a difficulty or changing somebody’s life.

It is human Psychology, No matter how evil a person is, but everyone wants or like to be portrayed as angels.

Such video has the potential to reach many people. People like to talk about charity, ethical and moral values.

“Compassion is the basis of morality.”



Millennials are very restless and the attention span of humans is now only 8 seconds, hence we must be able to engage with the user within the first 3 seconds.
Already the Newsfeed is chaotic, and the option to consume content are numerous. Everyone is now part of tons of Whatsapp Group. Same messages are shared repeatedly.

An idle length of the video should be between one and three minutes depending upon storytelling.


For the tiny screen, we don’t need a big budget. We are making content for mobile, and so it can be easily made with a mobile phone.
The entire effort of video making goes in vain when the user swipes up without engaging with it.


Everyone is consuming videos on mobile, and we should make a video for mobile; the square video for mobile is preferred.
People are not sitting in a Cinema Hall, having three hours of an attention span to watch longer videos.


Reach out to the Facebook Page owner, Journalist, Social Media Influencer, TV channel and Content curating sites like Buzzfeed, Wittyfeed, etc. No Video can become viral on its own, and there is a lot of effort behind the curtain to make it go viral.


Video marketing is the opposite of Ads. No one cares about your company, brand, services or products. It is the consumer’s life, and remember you are intruding into their life seeking their attention. So make something which is about them, and which can inspire them to share your video.


Making Marketing campaign and measuring ROI is a traditional approach. In the Social Media era, you must measure conversation, how many people are talking about your Brand.


Earlier there was a saying that a picture says a thousand words, but now there is a saying that a video says a million words.

According to Cisco, 64% of Internet users consume Video Content, and by 2020, it will touch 80%.

According to a study done by Social Media Today, 90% of consumers are likely to make a purchasing decision after having watched a Video Online.

According to a survey done by Hubspot Content Trends in 2017, 54% of Consumers preferred to watch videos from a Company.

64% of Internet users say that YouTube Videos have influenced their decision-making process.

According to a study, live videos will account for 13% of all Internet traffic.

In India, rich people eat Tomato Ketchup, while poor people eat tomato chutney, but when it comes to Digital, everyone has same access to Whatsapp, Facebook. Digital is a common equaliser in India.


According to Hubspot, there are 12 types of Video, mentioned below

  • Demo Videos
  • Brand Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Expert Interviews
  • Educational or How-To Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Animated Videos
  • Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos
  • Live Videos
  • 360° & Virtual Reality Videos
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Videos
  • Personalized Messages Videos


Aashish Chopra had written a book on how to make Viral Videos and it is named as “Fast Cheap & Viral.” This book contains no brainy farts, but a complete practical solution.
This book is a must for any Entrepreneur, CEO, CMO, CXO, Business Manager, who wants to reach millions of people. This book will help them in saving a lot of time and money and guide them to achieve success through proven methods.

This book will help us in making videos at the shoestring budget. Some of his videos were made at the cost as low as Rs. 1500 and has achieved Million Views.

Aashish has done all kinds of trial and experiments to document in this book, and it makes our job easy. We can start from where he has left and tread our path to virality.

You can purchase this book on Amazon

Views can be bought but engagement has to be earned


How to make viral video marketing?
It is essential to know your target audience before planning for videos, build a strong storyline, brainstorm about the duration of the video, invoke emotions, try to solve a problem or educate them through video and do the outreach program.

What makes a viral video?
A video can go viral if it has touch emotions of people. If it has made them laugh, cry, made them feel joy, inspired them, educated them, any useful content which people like to share with other human beings.

Can viral videos make money?
Yes, Viral Video can make money if you choose to monetize it through various platform available.

what is the meaning of viral video?
A viral video is one which has become very popular in short duration, and it has been widely shared on all social media channel. Some early signs of a viral video are if it has achieved 100 shares in the first 10 minutes of the release of the video.

How does content go viral?
Content can not go viral if it does not has substance. No one can make it go viral by spending money. Video content can go viral only if it has invoked an emotional chord with the viewer, and it has voluntarily been shared by them without any incentive.

Video viral kaise kiya jata hai?
Video Viral janta karti hai. You can focus on making good videos by solving problems and providing solutions. Virality is an outcome; all you can focus is on making videos having a good message.


We have come to the last frame of the viral video, and like all good things, this also has to end.

Listening to Ashish Chopra enlightens everyone. He received a standing ovation at the end of his seminar, and I felt as if I was attending some Oscar Award Night.

Video Marketing is undoubtedly the next big thing in Content Marketing. It should be a weapon on every marketer’s kitty.

Either you are an educator, CEO, CXO, CMO, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, or Manager, be prepared to face the camera and make videos.
If you want to deliver your message cheaply to all people, then start to make videos.

I have made my best effort in delivering my learning from Ashish Chopra to YOU, my reader. Now it is your turn to comment below and share it on Social Media.

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