Create online income Via Digital Marketing (Free Session at Open House, Kolkata)


I will share my experience with what I learned from attending this free session on how to make money online through Digital marketing held at Openhouse at AC Market, Kolkata.

Before I begin to write about this event, I need to inform you, how I came to know about this event. I am part of a Whatsapp group named Bong Blogger, where I have few friends.

This Whatsapp group is a closed community of Professional Blogger, Digital Marketers, Domainers and Online Marketers. Some Fellow member shared information that an event is taking place on 18-August-2018 at Openhouse and organized by three speakers namely Altamash Sid, Ajit Soren, and Sudipto.

I have known and met Ajit and Sudipto on the previous event at East India Blogger meet and Roundtable Kolkata. I have not known Altamash.

Events Itinerary

Topic:- Make Money Online using Digital Marketing

Timing:- 3 PM to 5 PM

Venue:- Open house, 7th Floor, AC Market, Kolkata

Speaker:- Ajit Soren, Altamash Sid & Sudipto Chakraborty

Before I dive into the event. I should write about the Venue, Openhouse. Otherwise, I would not be doing justice to this blog.


Openhouse is a fantastic concept where teachers and students assemble to share knowledge, skills, ideas and collaborate to develop some tangible or intangible assets.

It wants to establish themselves as a community where knowledge exchange happens and which serves the larger humanity.


Here a learner can be a mid-aged person, and the educator can be a teenager. An educator can be an entrepreneur who is solving a real-life problem and can seek help from young learner. It is the free flow of knowledge, skill, ideas among individuals.

The primary motive of this establishment is that there is no age restriction to learn and everyone has something unique to teach or share. Anyone can interact with fellow educator and learn or get their query answered.

They conduct a various workshop, seminars, meet up, events or casual chat, inviting leading Entrepreneur, Social Worker, Newsmaker, teachers, Professor, Eminent personality from different walks of life.

Openhouse is a platform where one can find partners and co-founder for their project or Company. There will come a time when you are clueless or need partners or co-founder or mentors for your business and visiting this place often and networking with a fellow member can solve your problem.

I am sure this kind of new innovative classroom will give India Noble Laureate, Entrepreneur, Scientist, Author, Writer, Social Activist, Filmmaker, Social Worker and pioneer in the respective field who would make India proud. We could see some product innovation and research happening right in from Kolkata.

I think I have written enough about Openhouse and I should now concentrate on the actors of the events.

Altamash Sid :-

He is the Founder of Artemiz Media and Blogging Hammer. He is a Digital Marketing Professional having eight years of experience and to his credit is a Facebook Page which has more than 150, 000 (150k ) Followers.

Ajit Soren :-

He is the Founder of Growth Grasp. He has more than a five-year experience and has worked on various overseas projects. He is a growth hacker, digital marketing professional, and owner of a BPO. He is a very active member among digital Marketers in Kolkata. You can find him at any event happening in and around Kolkata. He actively takes interest to interact with a newbie and helps them.

Sudipto Chakraborty:-

He is a Youtuber and cinematographer. He is skilled in making videos for his youtube channel and the client. He has more than eight years of experience in Videoblogging. He has learned this craft on his own by doing trial and error method.

When he started this profession, there were not much of resources on YouTube to help him. He has been successful only after failing for many times, and YouTube banned many of his previous channels.

Now here begins the itinerary of the events.

The Event was scheduled for 3 PM, and I reached the venue by 2:45 PM and was able to interact with other participants and speaker. I could take images of the place, and it was awesome I must say.

Altamash Sid began the introduction session, and he was the first speaker. He began to speak about career opportunity in Digital Marketing.

He mentioned that 78000 people have applied for the post of the messenger(a kind of menial job, a kind of clerk) in Uttar Pradesh, and it included 3700 Ph.D. Holder, MBA, Engineer, Graduate, Postgraduate, Whereas the minimum eligibility for the job was an only fifth class pass.


He showed an Economic Times report, where it showed earning description of following professional.

Engineer:- Rupees (10 to 15) thousand per Month

MBA:– Rupees 10 thousand per Month

Dentist:- Rupees 7 thousand per Month

Taxi Driver:- Rupees 35 thousand per Month

Delivery Boy:- Rupees 20 thousand per Month

Fish Cutter:- Rupees 1 thousand per Day

He emphasized that career opportunity in Digital Marketing is galore. Nowadays everything is digital, and the future has a vast scope.

He mentioned that it took 130 years for Coca-cola to become a brand where it only took 20 years for Amazon to become a household name.

He emphasized that Digital Ads are cheaper than traditional Ads. To support his statement, he quoted a few examples like it costs Rupees 7600 for a 10 seconds Ads in a Mall.

A Handout printout for 1 Lakh (1, 000,00) will cost you Rupees 70,000.

Full page Ads in India Today has a readership of 16 lakh will cost you Rupees Five Lakhs (Rs. 500, 000).

Ads on Star Plus for 10 seconds will cost Rupees 70,000, having a Monthly Viewership of around 12 Lakh.

He Concluded that Offline medium is costly and reach is low, whereas Online Ads on any platform like Facebook, Youtube, Google can start with as little as Rupees 1 thousand. Some of the advantage of Digital marketing over traditional Marketing are targeted traffic, better conversion rate, cost-effective.


He Shared a few stats which is worth mentioning.


Population :- 1.3 Billion

Under the Age 35 Year:- 75%

Internet Users:- 275 Million

He also spoke that a Digital Marketing Manager could easily earn upto Rupees 25 thousand to 35 thousand as a starting salary, provided he knows his craft well and is skilled.

He mentioned that some of the components of Digital Marketing are SEO, SMM, Reputation Management, Email marketing.

Then Sudipto Chakraborty spoke about Vblogging. He mentioned that every minute, 300 hours of videos are uploaded on youtube.

He also said that a Video blogger must develop a unique style of communication, hand movements while facing the camera, which leaves an impact in the mind of the Viewer.

A Video Blogger should speak loudly, and his mannerism should also be loud. One can’t be a shy person, because one only get 2 or 3 seconds to connect with viewers.

One should quickly tell the purpose of the videos at the beginning and what viewers can expect in the videos. He suggested that optimal duration should be around less than 20 minutes. He spoke about

Simon Sinek’s golden circle model
which has three essential parts namely

why ?, How? And What?

This phase is the most critical part, where an individual or company must communicate the purpose of its existence. Why are you offering this product? Why are you making this video? Why are you writing this blog?

You must find a suitable answer to this why? questions, before starting any new service or venture. Once you find a satisfactory answer to why? Then proceed further.

This second part is equally important, and this phase must answer how this product or company is offering different service from a competitor. This is a differentiator phase. Here you can list how your product has better features or USP over the competitor.

This is the phase where an organization must answer what they do? This is the most natural phase.

Explanation of Simon Sinek’s Model


Most of the organization uses their marketing communication by saying what they do and how they have done a similar project or that project, they have so many offices, clients, employee and blah blah.

Do they give importance to why? Phase.

The company must start with why they are into this business or segment? And then move towards how ? phase and then maybe what? Phase.

As Sudipto was speaking, we received a reminder that time is up and we are running late, quickly Sudipto wrapped up his talk, and Ajit Soren came before us to talk.

Ajit Soren spoke about the importance of SILO Structure and how crucial it is in the ranking of a website.

He showed us images of 2 sites and asked which website is elegantly arranged? Silo structure is nothing but organizing the web pages of your website in an orderly fashion so that it is easy for a human being to find and also for a web crawler. Special care must be taken to group similar pages or arrange web pages in relevant groups or subheader.

To validate his statement, he showed us a few images where all colored marbles were kept in a single jar and said that picking only white marble from this jar would take time and make our task difficult.


Whereas in another image, all the colored marbles were arranged according to their respective color and kept in a jar. He said that picking a red marble from the jar containing red marble is easy than in the previous image.

We got some basic idea about SILO Structure. He also emphasized the importance of linking one webpage to other. Internal linking of the webpage is essential to signal Google that these web pages are relevant and it helps in the ranking of a website. This can also assist in increasing the dwell time of the user on the site and can reduce the bounce rate.

He also mentioned that we should write original long-form content on our website since Google has become smart else your site will be penalized. Same old cliché statement which we digital marketers are tired of listening. ?

He touched upon the importance of backlinking. The backlink is like a vote to your website. The more backlink your website has, it will have more authority in the eyes of Google, and it can rank quickly. Many of the audience began to move out of the hall.

Next, he said that first website was created by Bernes Lee in a lab in the Swiss Alps on August 6, 1991. So the Web industry is 27 years old.

He also mentioned few stats like the world had reached the first milestone of Billion Website in September 2014 according to some survey, which I forget to take note of, (others, who are interested in knowing this fact, can Google it.) ?


Ajit Soren quickly wrapped up his talk as we were already running late.

Concluding Remarks

My views on this event are it was a good initiative, but the delivery of the seminar wasn’t up to the mark. Topics covered also were very basic, and nothing was discussed in detailed regarding how one can make earning online using the internet.

But I am not disappointed since an event like this gives you an excellent platform not only to learn but also to network with your fellow professional. This was the fourth time; I was meeting Ajit, I have earlier met him at East India Bloggers Meet, last year, where he was the sole organizer of the event. Then again at Roundtable, Kolkata and Google Search Conference. Ajit is the Flagbearer of the Blogger Community in Kolkata. ?

Sudipto, also was the speaker at East India Bloggers Meet, last year. So He was also a familiar face and friends on facebook. I enquired with him regarding the cost of making a professional video. He suggested me some free resources, where I can learn to make videos.

Altamash was a new face to me; I have not met him personally. But he was a friend on facebook. It was nice to know that he runs a Digital Marketing Agency and some Famous Bollywood celebrity are his clients. He always hustles between Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore for business. He has shared his number and promised to help in need. He also announced that he would do regular webinars on Facebook to help a newbie in this segment. He is planning to start some webinar series where he will teach digital marketing from scratch.

I am looking forward to it, and how it pans out.

Overall it was a good event since it was free, what more can you expect from the free Seminar. So I am not complaining. ?

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