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I was informed by my good friend and guru Mr. Amar Krishna Jha that Godaddy had organised a seminar on how to design our website that converts visitors into Customer and he is one of the speakers for the event. Since the event was free, it was also one of the compelling reasons, not to miss it.

I had earlier attended one of Godaddy event at Hotel Radisson, and they had given me free goodies when you have all this reason to participate in the event, why would anyone miss it.

I reached the venue on time, and the front desk executive asked all of us to log on to Godaddy Account. Others who did not have an account had to create an account on Godaddy.

Event Details

GoDaddy Web Pro Meet at Kolkata

Speaker:- Gaurav Nakul and Amar Krishna Jha

Date & Timing :- 5 PM to 7 PM on 22 November 2018

Venue:- Indian Chamber of Commerce

Sponsored by Godaddy

Gaurav Nakul

Mr. Gaurav Nakul is the senior manager at Godaddy, responsible for building partners to Godaddy from both Offline and Online Channel. He is the man behind building strategy and channel partner program for Web developer and Web Designer in India. He regularly runs partner webinar series to create awareness and engagements among end users. He has been with Godaddy for almost 6 years.

He began his seminar by speaking about the Brand Godaddy. It was founded in Arizona, some 20 years ago. It has 18 Million Customer and 76 Million domains under management.

It has 8000 employees and out of which 6000 employee belongs to customer care. This goes to prove that GoDaddy gives immense importance to customer service.

Godaddy had a first international office in India, outside the USA. It has the largest customer base in India. They have around 700 employees in customer care and receive more than 4000 calls in a day. He said that in India, we have this culture of DIFM – Do it for me, where we take service of others, we ask our maid to cook food for ourselves, tutor to teach our child, driver to shuttle us.

A small and Medium Business (SMB) will ask a web developer to make their website up and to run. The customer is dependent on the web developer to make product purchase decisions as they consider them as their custodians for their online presence.

In Europe and other developed countries, customer prefers to DIY – Do it yourself.

Godaddy call center now supports 4 Indian languages namely Hindi, English, Tamil, and Marathi.

They have a No.1 market share in India. They have a product which is made and sold only for Indian customer. Their first TV Commercial was done by Mithun Chakraborty, and they have very well positioned themselves into the Indian market.

Godaddy has very high Brand recall value, even if a person may not be their customer, but when asked, will always recommend Godaddy.


Mr. Nakul was here to give a detailed explanation of a new product called Godaddy Pro. He asked the audience that how many of you buy domain and server for their client? Almost all of us raised them

In India, we have this culture of DIFM – Do it for me, where we take service of others, we ask our maid to cook food for ourselves, tutor to teach our child, driver to shuttle us.

GoDaddy Pro

It has 4 parts namely:-

  • Pro Clients
  • Pro Sites
  • Pro Connect
  • Pro rewards

GoDaddy Pro Clients

This feature allow us to make purchases on behalf of Customer, we also have feature, where we can email shopping cart details to the customer, and he can make payment on his own.

If a Client is already a customer of Godaddy, you can get access to his account to manage his products like domain, hosting, SSL, etc.

Godaddy, every day receives numerous calls from Client saying that their website is built on Godaddy and their web developer is not responding to their phone calls and the website is down.

Keeping this in mind, Godaddy devised this feature, where Client can retain ownership of their product and can only give access to a web developer to manage it so that their Digital assets are not compromised.

GoDaddy Pro Sites

This feature allows providing following functions

  • Secured Cloud Storage
  • Cloning & migration
  • Uptime & monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Brand reporting
  • Uptime management

This feature can help us in automating regular activities like Website scanning, virus & malware removals, report sending to the client. This feature helps us save a lot of time.

GoDaddy Pro Connect

This feature lets us list our services on ProConnect directory, which help us get more visibility for our services and attract more new business. It is like a Freelancer or Odesk kind of services on Godaddy platform.

GoDaddy Pro Reward

This feature helps us earn more and save more. For every $1 made towards the purchase, One will receive 5 reward points. These reward point can be used for future purchases.

Amar Krishna Jha

Amar Krishna Jha is a co-founder of Amara Marketing. He provides Digital Marketing training to corporate, Small Business and students.

He gave a presentation based on the topic V2C – Visitor to Customer.

He began his seminar by saying that provide a journey to your customer. (CRO)

Benefits of “Visitor to Customer” design approach

  • Higher Sales, More Money, More Profits
  • Increase in sales leads to your team
  • Use of Optin form to collect email address
  • Lower customer acquisition cost
  • More pageview
  • Higher engagement rate
  • Improvement of conversion rates

Psychology of Persuasion

  • Reciprocation (GIVE) — first give something for free
  • Consistency & Commitment – Do it regularly
  • Social Proof (Testimonials)—use text with images or video is the best
  • Liking (Personas)— Understand your buyer personas
  • Authority (Deference) – Develop authority among your market
  • Scarcity (limited) – Create a time limit, offer valid till stock last, clearance sale.

Maximizing Conversion with Personas

In the year 2007, Jakob Nielsen had made some research and found out that, there are 4 different personas of people who visit web and categorise as such mentioned below

  • Competitive People (What) – This group of people ask a lot of What question? You can approach this kind of people by showing the advantages of your service. This group of people abandons shopping cart quickly, so follow them with email marketing.
  • Spontaneous People (Why & When) – This group of people ask a lot of why & When questions. They are fast and emotional people. They are motivated by immediate gratification and love new purchase. Marketers can approach these kinds of people by showing a larger picture; they get bored with minute details.
  • Methodical People (How) – This group of people ask a lot of how questions. They are slow and logical people. They love to review minute details. Marketers can approach them with facts and figures. Show them graphs, number, charts, and benefits over features.
  • Humanistic People (Who) – This group of people ask a lot of who questions. They are slow and emotional people. Their buying decisions are based on emotional, but take a lot of time to make a purchase decision. Marketers can approach them by making them feel safe and secure. Testimonials of existing customer, a list of big Clientele can be displayed on the website to build trust and attract such people.

Best practices for CRO

  • Credibility-based design
  • Easy navigation
  • Logo credibility
  • Memorable slogans
  • Benefit-oriented headlines
  • Best content placement
  • Calls to action
  • Benefit-oriented content
  • Using “hero shots.”
  • Interactivity and engagement

Other Factors to maximise V2C

  • Reduce Form Fields
  • Use a Contrasting Colour for Your Call-to-action (CTA) Button
  • Get Rid of Your Automatic Image Sliders
  • Stop Using Cheesy Stock Photos
  • Create Urgency
  • Add “Real” Testimonials
  • Show Off Your Award & Trust Badges
  • Decoy-effect for pricing

Humanistic People (Who) are slow and emotional people. Their buying decisions are based on emotional, but take a lot of time to make a purchase decision. Marketers can approach them by making them feel safe and secure.

Concluding Remarks

I learned a lot from this seminar. Godaddy has introduced a product called Godaddy Pro for Indian Web developer community, where they can maintain their Client’s Digital property hassle free. It has built-in CRM to maintain expiry of a different product, automating a lot of routine tasks, sending Report to the client by setting it weekly or monthly options.

Seminar by Gaurav Nakul was fascinating, and lots of knowledge and new things were shared. Godaddy has recently added 1 Million clients in India, and keen on building community.

Seminar by Amar Krishna Jha on converting visitors to the customer was also excellent. He shared a lot of facts and exciting concept regarding marketing. Small things, which you tend to ignore may take a sometimes significant role in conversion. Tweaking your website, sometimes here and then can boost your conversion rate. It is always a good idea to view and understand your visitor’s journey using Hotjar.

All the participants were given free goodies by Godaddy, which had a pen and a T-shirt.

Over to my reader, please do leave comments and share it on your social media and help me spread the message.

Disclaimer:- I am not being paid to write this, and whatever I have written is only for information purpose, neither I am biased towards any individuals nor towards any Company.

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