Flikover Group Buy Seo Tool is killing BEST SEO Software Tool Company?

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Flikover  seo tools – Lets know

Yes, you have read it right. I will discuss and show you how Flikover is providing Premium SEO Software tools at a fraction to its original price.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to show you, how they do it? But yeah, they do provide almost all the SEO tools at throwaway prices.

I am also curious to understand how this concept of the group buy seo tools works? I have enquired about this in many online forums, asked my techi friends to understand the functioning and logic of this Group Buy SEO Tools.

If you do Google Search for Flikover, you will find some options like and
Be careful, go with only, this is the only original and genuine Flikover Group Buy SEO Tools. All others are lookalike or fake or copycat of the original.

But again, I want to be honest and responsible for writing this article, that I have only used I haven’t used other or this

Flikover SEO Tools
Flikover SEO Tools

Others, if interested can experiment with other Flikover Group Buy SEO tools. Who knows sometimes the copycat may provide better value than the original. If one man can copy, others can also do the same.

All the other Flikover tries to prove that they are the genuine or original Flikover Group Buy SEO Tools.

What is Flikover Group Buy SEO Software Tools

Flikover is a group Buy SEO Software Tools Company. This company does not provide any software or services of its own. They provide software of major SEO Companies like Ahref, SEMRUSH, MOZ, WORDAI, Canva, Alexa and many more to end user at a lower price.

If you buy the software or services directly from the original SEO Software tool company, it will cost you a bomb, but if you buy it through Flikover Group Buy SEO tools, same software and services can be available at a friction price to the original price.

If you are not able to understand, don’t worry, I will show it to you and explain it in detail in the following paragraph.
Earlier Flikover used to provide 16 tools priced at Rs. 1200 (INR), and now they are offering 19 SEO Tools at the same price.

How to Buy Flikover Group Buy SEO Tools
If you are looking for all the 19 tools, you can buy it from their website by paying Rs. 1200 (INR). If you are looking to purchase individual seo tools like SEMRUSH only for Rs. 500(INR)

Important note to use Flikover

  • Never share your login credentials to anyone, if you do, they will block your login.
  • They have this policy of “One Account, One user access.”
  • You can access Flikover Group Buy SEO tools from Google Chrome Browser only.
  • You will have to activate two plugins namely “F1” and “F2” on your browser to access Flikover.
  • They claim to provide 95% uptime.
  • Their mode of customer support is only through Facebook messenger and email.

List of SEO Software tools in Flikover

Flikover group Buy SEO tools provide below-mentioned tools

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Semrush
  3. WordAI
  4. Keyword Revealer
  5. Keyword Tool
  6. Buzzsumo
  7. Moz
  8. Spyfu
  9. Grammarly
  10. Quetext
  11. Alexa
  12. Woorank
  13. Lynda
  14. Skillshare
  15. Animoto
  16. Piktochart
  17. Canva
  18. Crello
  19. Picmonkey

Now I will describe all the 19 tools briefly so that you can understand their usages and decide accordingly, whether you need it.


Ahrefs define themselves as a tool to grow traffic to your website; you can monitor your Competitor and gain all the knowledge required about a particular niche.
Using this tool, you can find out why a competitor is ranking high on Google and what you can do to over rank them.
They have their Bot, using it they crawl the website and give data.
Their lowest monthly plans start at $ 99 and go as high as $999.

You can access Ahrefs through Flikover Group Buy Seo tool for Rs. 600(INR) per month only. Now you know how cheap it is to obtain through Flikover.

Some of the features of Ahrefs

• You can perform Link Audits
• You can find link building opportunity
• You can conduct keyword research.
• You can validate keyword and analyse competitor.
• You can track individual keyword.
• You can follow total organic visibility.
• You can do Website audits
• You can Brand Management.


SEMrush is a SaaS company located at Philadelphia USA, offering marketing analytics software. It was Founded by a Russian Founder named Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov .
It is a must tool for any SEO professional.
It has more than 3 Million users worldwide.
Its monthly subscription services start at $ 99, and Business Plan starts at $ 399, and for Enterprise Solutions, you can contact the Company directly for prices.
You can access this tool using Flikover tool for Rs. 500(INR) only.

Using SEMrush you can do following services like Site Audit, On page SEO Checker, Keyword Positioning, Social Media tracking, Backlink Audit, Brand Monitoring, Content audit, Keyword Difficulty, Traffic Overview, Lead Generation tool, Ad Builder, PPC keyword Tool and many more.

This company performs monthly webinar and conducts a lot of meetups in the various city to create Brand awareness. I was fortunate to attend one such SEMrush events in Kolkata.


WordAI was founded by Alex Cardinell in July 2011. It is an article rewriter. It claims to use artificial intelligence (AI) to write content. It provides a free trial for 3 days.
Its monthly plan starts at $ 49, and the yearly plan starts at $ 347.
I have not used this tool or any other tool to spin article.
Many top seo professionals advise avoiding spin article.
You can buy this tool from Flikover for Rs. 400(INR) only.

Keyword Revealer

Keyword Revealer is a keyword research tool. It is a useful tool and recommended by a professional blogger.
It provides free option also, but it limits to 3 searches only.
Basic plan starts at $ 9.97 per month. Pro plan starts at $ 27.97, and Elite plan starts at $ 47.97 per month.
You can access this tool from Flikover for Rs. 400(INR) for a month.

Keyword Tool is one of my favourite keyword research tools.
This comes with free option also. You can try free options.
Pro plan starts with $48 per month and goes up to $88 per month depending on features.
You can access this tool from Flikover for Rs. 400(INR) per month.


If you are into content marketing and influencer marketing, then this tool must be in your arsenal.
Almost all the big brands including fortune 500 companies use this tool.

Using tools, you can find which content has performed well on social media. You can get content ideas using this tool.
Pro plan starts at $ 79 and goes up to $499 per month.
You can access this tool from Flikover for Rs. 400(INR) per month.


Moz is also a SaaS company that sells inbound marketing and marketing analytics software subscription like SEMrush. Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig founded it in the year 2004.

It is one of the top-notch software in the sector and much sought after.
This tool is a must for professional blogger and digital marketer.
You can do keyword research, link building opportunity, on page optimisation and website audits for any website.

It provides DA, PA of the website, which helps us to understand the authority of a website.

The initial plan of monthly subscription starts at $ 99 and goes up to $999 per month.

You can access this tool from Flikover for Rs. 400(INR) per month.


Spyfu was initially named as Googspy. It is headquartered at Scottsdale, Arizona in the USA. The company started in the year 2005.
It was started to spy on the keywords used by a competitor. It is also an essential tool used by many SEO professionals worldwide.
This tool is useful for PPC Campaign. It provides awesome data.
Basic plan starts at $ 39 and the professional plan starts at $ 78 and the Agency plan starts at $ 299 per month.
This same tool, you can access from Flikover for Rs. 400 (INR) per month.


This is a must tool for every content writer, blogger, SEO professional, CEO, Marketing professional, students or I can say for everyone.
This tool is a must especially for people who are not native English speaker.
It uses more than 250 grammar rules to check for proofreading and plagiarism detection.
You will not know how excellent this tool is until you use it.
You can install a free chrome extension in your browser, and this tool can be handy.
It provides limited free options. But premium features come at a price, which is worth considering.
Monthly plan starts at $ 29.95 per month.
The quarterly plan starts at $ 19.98 billed per month.
Annual Plan starts at $ 11.66 billed per month.
You can access this Grammarly tool from Flikover for Rs. 200 (INR) per month.
You should try this tool; I can vouch for this tool.


This tool is used for checking plagiarism. It also provides limited free features, and premium features are paid.
Premium features start at $ 9.99 per month.
You can access this tool from Flikover at Rs. 200(INR) per month.


Amazon acquired Alexa. It is an excellent tool.
Alexa ranking of a website is most talked about features of this tool.
It can show your website ranking in Worldwide, country wise, the source of traffic to your website, duration of the visitor, competitor’s data and many more things.

Features of Alexa Tool

• you can find keyword difficulty
• you can check your competitor keyword
• you can do On-page SEO
• you can check Competitor’s Backlink
• you can do SEO Audit
• Audience overlap tool
• you can compare two or more website
• you can estimate web traffic
• you can find similar sites
• you can find top sites

Basic plan starts at $ 149 per month, and the Agency plan starts at $ 299 per month.
You can access this tool using Flikover for Rs. 200 (INR) per month.


Woorank is a website review tool and SEO checker. It is a very simple tool but gives a lot of insight regarding your website. Boris and Nils started this company. It is headquartered at Brussels in Belgium. The company boasts of having more than 1 million registered users. Every day 700 new accounts are opened. Their service is currently available in more than 7 languages.

Some of the Woorank features

• In-depth Reviews
• You can download reviews in PDF format
• You can do competitive analysis
• You can do a marketing checklist
• You can track your keyword
• You can do site crawl analysis

Pro plan starts at $ 59.99 per month.
The premium plan starts at $ 179.99 per month.
Enterprise plan starts at $ 249.99 per month.
You can access this tool through Flikover for Rs. 200 (INR) per month.
You can download a free plugin of Woorank to your chrome browser.

Lynda was acquired by Linkedin, and now it is known as Linkedin Learning. Lynda was founded by Lynda Weinman in 1995 in California.
The company offers online courses, and it is very famous in this category.
The company has more than 500 + employee and has a revenue of more than $ 100.
Premium features for individuals start at Rs. 1450 (INR) per month.
You can access this tool from Flikover for Rs. 200 (INR) per month.


Skillshare is an online video learning platform. Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong started this company in New York in the year 2010. All the online courses are self-paced.

Their monthly subscription plan starts at $ 15 per month, and Annual subscription starts at $ 8.25 per month.

You can access this platform from Flikover for Rs. 200 (INR) per month.


Animoto is a cloud-based video making software. Jason Hsiao and team founded it in the year 2006 at New York City.

I have personally used this tool, and it is quite simple to use. It provides 3 subscription models.
The personal plan starts at $ 8 per month.
The professional plan starts at $ 22 per month.
Business plan starts at $ 34 per month.
You can access this tool from Flikover for Rs. 200 (INR) per month.


Piktochart is a web-based infographics tool. It helps Graphics designer to create infographics easily.
Goh Ai Ching and Andrea Zaggia founded this piktochart in Malaysia in the year 2012. It has very quickly grown in user base. It boasts of having more than 11 million users.
It comes in 3 plan.
Lite plan cost $ 12.5 per month.
Pro plan costs $ 24.17 per month.
Pro team plan cost $ 82.5 per month.
You can access this tool from Flikover for Rs. 200 (INR) per month.


Canva is an awesome graphic design software tool. It helps non designers to make excellent graphics.
Melanie Perkins founded it in Sydney, Australia in the year 2012.
This tool is very famous digital marketers and bloggers.
It provides limited features for free.
Premium features start at $ 12.95 per month.
You can access this tool from Flikover for Rs. 200 (INR) per month.


Crello is also a graphic design tool. It also comes with the free and premium version.
Premium version starts at $ 8 per month.
You can access this tool from Flikover for Rs. 200 (INR) per month.


Picmonkey is a photo editing tool. Frits Habermann and team started this company in Seattle in the year 2012.
Basic plan starts at $ 7.99 per month.
Pro plan starts at $ 12.99 per month.
Team plan starts at $ 33.99 per month.
You can access this tool from Flikover for Rs. 200(INR) per month.

If Flikover is down?

You can contact Flikover through their Facebook page. Alternatively, you can shoot an email to them at [email protected]

All Flikover Group Buy SEO tool Price


Premium Tool

Original Price from Maker

Flikover Price in USD $

Flikover Price in Rupees INR



Basic monthly plan at $ 99

$ 8.54

Rs. 600



Basic monthly plan at $ 99

$ 7.12

Rs. 500



Basic monthly plan at $ 49

$ 5.69

Rs. 400


Keyword Revealer

Basic monthly plan at $ 9.97

$ 5.69

Rs. 400


Keyword Tool

Basic monthly plan at $48

$ 5.69

Rs. 400



Basic monthly plan at $ 79

$ 5.69

Rs. 400



Basic monthly plan at $ 99

$ 5.69

Rs. 400


Basic monthly plan at $ 39

$ 5.69

Rs. 400


Basic monthly plan at $ 29.95

$ 2.85




Basic monthly plan at $ 9.99

$ 2.85




Basic monthly plan at $ 149

$ 2.85



Basic monthly plan at $ 59.99

$ 2.85



Basic monthly plan at $ 20.64

$ 2.85




Basic monthly plan at $ 15

$ 2.85



Basic monthly plan at $ 8

$ 2.85



Basic monthly plan at $ 12.5
$ 2.85



Basic monthly plan at $ 12.95
$ 2.85




Basic monthly plan at $ 8

$ 2.85
Basic monthly plan at $ 7.99
$ 2.85


Finally, I am winding up this post. It has become a lengthy one.
Now you know how Flikover group buy SEO tool is killing the major SEO tool software company and marketing Analytics Company by providing their services and products at a fraction to its original price.

My ink in the pen has also dried up, and now it has to end here.
My only request to you is to share your feedback in the comment section. I would like to know your thoughts.
If you want to appreciate my efforts and feel it is worthy enough to be shared on Social media, please do share it.
Cheers !!!

FAQ on Flikover

If Flikover is down?
You can contact Flikover through their Facebook page. Alternatively, you can shoot an email to them at [email protected]

Does Flikover provide Netflix?
No, Flikover does not provide Netflix subscription as of now. But they do periodically add new tools and services.

Does flikover offers premium version of grammarly?
Yes, Flikover offers premium version of Grammarly. The same would cost you $ 29.95 if you buy directly from Grammarly. But with Flikover, it will only cost Rs. 200, which is equivalent $2.85 only.

What is the pricing of flikover?
Flikover will cost you Rs. 1200 for all the 19 tools or more. You can individually buy any particular tools as per your need. All the prices are monthly. You get some discount, when you buy quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

How to create an account on Flikover?
You can create an account on Flikover, by logging on to its website and making purchase for the tools you need. You can choose any tools listed in the dashboard. It will ask you to download Flikover1 and Flikover2 extension from Google Chrome. Which is done to restrict you from accessing tools directly from the original maker.

Is there any discount coupon for Flikover?
No, Flikover does not give any discount coupon. You would not find it anywhere. But, if you buy for quarterly, half-yearly or annually, you get some discount.

What are Flikover Plans?
You can read above on my blog, I have extensively written about each and every tools and their prices. Flikover charges Rs. 1200 Monthly, you get some discount while you buy for quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

Does Flikover have any affiliate program?
No, Flikover does not have any affiliate program. Nor they do any commission on any sign up.

How to download Flikover from Chrome extension?
Once you make purchase to any tools, it will ask you to download chrome extension. All the instructions are available in the dashboard.

IS Flikover safe?
Yes, Flikover is safe. But it is advisable to delete any of your work, as other participant may have access to it.

If Flikover is not working?
You can contact Flikover through their Facebook page. Alternatively, you can shoot an email to them at [email protected]

What are other sites like Flikover?
There are many sites like Flikover, you can choose their counterpart and , Groupbuyseotools.og and Do a Google Search and you will find many options.

Mogis Ahmed has more than a decade of experience in Marketing, Sales and Business Development in IT & ITES industry. He is a Computer Science Engineer and has done Masters in Business Administration (MBA).He has experience of working in both small Start-ups to Large companies having billion dollars in revenue. Some of the notable organisation, where he has worked is HCL Technology, SRM Technology, Allsec Technology, Indiabulls LTD, FusionBPO Services and Keylines. He has received a Memento from Google Australia for successfully completing all the modules in Google Adwords. Recently made a shift in career towards Digital Marketing. Whatever I learn during this journey, will share with my reader.


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