Bengal Chamber Of Commerce – The New Eastern Union- The Economic Summit-2020

Paranjoy Guha Thakurta

40 years experience in a different medium, he is a writer, speaker, anchor, commentator, documentary filmmaker, faculty member (IIMA, IIMC, JNU).

Above 40% of the world’s population live in indo-china. Half of India’s population is below 26 years of age.

The median age is roughly around 27.

India has a pathetic record in educating its population and healthcare.

Mogis Ahmed with Paranjoy Guha Thakurta

Prasenjit Bose, an economist, leader CPI(M)

He said that the Indian economy state is grim, and the government is in a state of denial.

He asserted to learn from the Chinese to implement industrial policy. He said that removing the tariff barrier will enhance the economy is a myth.

India, one of the fastest-growing markets in ICT, is importing more from CHINA, leading to widening of trade & current account deficit.

He emphasized learning manufacturing from china. THE GOVERNMENT DID a good thing by not joining RCEP.

He said that national interest should not be looked at through the narrow prism of territory alone, but the economic well-being of people should also be considered.
India has problematic relations with all of its neighbors.

He emphasized that India should not be hostile towards Pakistan, China, Bangladesh and try to build new relations with Australia, Japan, South Korea.

He said that Indians are the most significant number of migrants in the world.

He said that govt is doing erroneous action by bringing CAA, NRC, and making our neighbor hostile towards India.

India should be soberer towards migrant issues. He had filed an RTI with the Home ministry to find out illegal migrants but replied that the ministry has no data on illegal migrants.
It is against India’s interest to call Bangladeshi an illegal termite.

India is a mixed economy and will remain this way for a long time.

Mogis Ahmed with Prasenjit Bose, an economist, leader CPI(M)

Subir Bhaumik – senior journalist

He said that there is a synergy between the captain of trade and the military. East India Company came as a trading company and ended up creating an empire in India.
He warned that India should move out of a culture of grandstanding.

India and Europe’s partnership has missed momentum since it focused only on trade.

An uncertain & unpredictable America is more prone to wear. Weakening power is more dangerous than rising power because a weakening power will fight to prove that they are strong.

India and China should come together to form formidable power.

India is not good at managing synergy between different people.

Mogis Ahmed with Subir Bhaumik – senior journalist

Lt. Gen. J.R Mukherjee

He said that Indian entrepreneurs should be kicked for not taking up challenges from China.

Business should either Perish or Perform.

He said that Competition is good for the economy. Government should open up everything.

The government is oppressing neighboring countries due to domestic policy.

NRC is making every other state fight among themselves.

Swapan Dasgupta

Pranjal Thakur and Swapan Dasgupta are childhood friends. They both made barbs at each other.

He said that we are talking about the new EU, which is modeled on the old EU.

Decision-making in India is hideously complicated; decisions are delayed partly because there are so many conflicting inputs coming up and balancing each other.

The tough decision always creates fissures.

Indian can look outward after only building infrastructure.

Mogis Ahmed with Swapan Dasgupta

Emranul Haque – Dhaka Bank chairman

Benefits in the banking sector have corresponding support in other areas. Cross country banking sector has a massive opportunity in the new EU corridor.

Bangladesh is growing at a faster rate because the environment of doing business is pleasant.

To grow in a more significant way, it is advisable to bring better technology, know-how.

Japan is one of the biggest supporting partners of technology in Bangladesh.

Common currency should be introduced in the new EU. A nation like India will benefit.

New EU can control 44% of the world’s business and has 45% of the world’s population.

Mogis Ahmed with Emranul Haque – Dhaka Bank chairman

BB Chaterjee – president – Bengal chamber of Commerce

Any cooperation operates successfully when there is a win-win situation. Competition opens the market.

Trouble starts when we try to take over advantage of other’s existence.

Companies like ITC, HUL do not make business decisions based on tariff advantage.

Future business will be based on technology.

Mr. Alok Roy – Chairman- Medica Group of Hospitals

Eastern Union has a great prospect in healthcare. India stands as a tower of healthcare. Small countries do not have good healthcare. India can train, teach and treat other nations.
Singapore is not much advanced than India. Tourism footfall can be used for medical treatment.

Healthcare depends on availability, accessibility, and affordability. All these three parameters depend on technology.

India is blessed to have both good quantity and good quality of doctors. Most of the best doctors all over the globe are Indian.

The first prerequisite in life is good health.

India has the potential of providing healthcare in our own country but also in neighboring countries.

Indian doctors also have a strong English Language advantage.

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